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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few adjustments to the month of May...

Hello Everyone, there are some changes coming in the month of May so you may plan accordingly.

First, if you know anyone who is THINKING about joining up, tell them to do so immediately or they will be paying a higher price. As of May 1st, our monthly prices will be $90 Month-To-Month and $80 for students/military/public service. Everyone who is currently a member at the box WILL REMAIN THE SAME RATE!!! I will never ask you to bump what I have already started with you since you have been growing with us!

Second, there will be NO MORE OPEN GYM starting May 1st! Sorry, but with low attendance it just does not make sense to keep it open. There will also be NO MORE MAKE-UP WOD's on active rest days. Sorry guys, but with everyone moving around and doing different things between Hybrid, Standard Classes, and Make-ups it is just getting way too hectic for me to give everyone the attention they need and distracts from the programming. Active Rest Days will be active rest days for normal class, and workout days for Hybrid. That is enough. We might be adding additional classes in the month of May as soon as school is over. Stay tuned...

Third, Our goal board will soon be a board to mark where you are in your training. Starting in May, everyone will be considered at a "Phase" in their training which ranges from 1-3. The requirements/skills involved in those phases are....

Phase-1: Just starting out meaning NO BARBELL WORK! These individuals will focus on body movements and moving well, becoming familiar with movements under PVC Pipe, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Med-Balls. Moving well has taken a back seat lately because everyone wants to move too quickly which is not good. These individuals will also be given opportunities for extra training sessions and nutritional advising. The only way to get to the top is with a strong foundation!
Phase-2: This group will have shown considerable knowledge and coach-ability. They will prove to be proficient in movement standards I set for Crossfit and unless those movement requirements are met, you will remain in Phase 1. This group will also be allowed to BEGIN BARBELL AND SKILL WORK. This will include loading more and more weight, and practicing more complex body movements such as ring work, double-unders, and handstand push-ups. There will be a list of requirements this group must complete before entering the next phase. (Hint: Skill sessions and Hybrid are GREAT ways to expand one's strength capabilities and skill knowledge)
Phase-3 (Rx'd): This is where I want everyone. These individuals show vast knowledge and coach-ability under Crossfit movements and workouts along with exceptionally well developed skill bases. These are also individuals I place THE MOST RESPONSIBILITY ON. Our box has expanded because of people coming in and seeing Rx'd WOD's. We can only do that with our Rx'd individuals performing well, and being responsible. This is an elite group that I would like to see most of our members at and most of you are not far away!

There are a few more small changes like possible class/training packages for those new to Crossfit. Keep posted and I will be updating you.

ATTENTION!!!! We need Volunteers for the Crossfit United Aid Station at the Tri-Zou Triathalon on May 1st (Sunday). If you would like to volunteer (be sure!) Contact me with your name and e-mails!

Other than that everyone, its another good day to be at the box! Get in and get some work done! See you today!

WOD: 3 Rounds for Reps
30 Seconds Rest
1 Min HSPU
30 Seconds Rest
1 Min K2E
30 Seconds Rest
1 Min Wall Ball
30 Seconds Rest
Total WOD Time: 18 Minutes

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