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Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Day on Fay Street...

Today marks the last day on Fay Street for Crossfit United. We have so many memories of this old meat-packing building and so many PR's, laughs, and Pukie sightings (haha) that its definitely hard to say goodbye to a location that has allowed us to grow our fitness community in Columbia.

Having said that, we are extremely excited that our community has grown enough to promote this move to a bigger space, order more equipment, and get our name out there as STILL the only Crossfit gym in Columbia, MO.

Last Year on Fay Street....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Too Much To Post ON the Website!


Let's start off with saying thank you for being such a great group in my absence last week! I really appreciate knowing that my athletes are respectful and very coachable for Eric!

Now....On to the upcoming events/changes!

1. Our new and improved "On-Ramp" will be starting January 17th (Monday) and we will have more class times as well as a more in-depth 6-week (Old was 4-Weeks) for our potential new members! This On-Ramp is designed so that even if you decide NOT to attend CFU afterward, you will have proper coaching in movement patterns, intensity, and scaling weight and rep schemes. We will have a log-book for these individuals! DON'T FORGET: The first 10 to sign-up and pay before we start get $20 off the price!

2. We need t-shirt orders!!! Want a new CFU T-Shirt? So do we! I will be talking with our t-shirt company and right after the holidays (at the latest) we will have mock-ups done for both men and women t-shirts! Pre-orders are a must in light of the new move! Speaking of which.....

3. THE NEW PLACE!!! We are in works of getting equipment delivered and such so be patient while we try and work out our schedule in the next couple of weeks. I promise it will be worth the wait! We will probably need volunteers to move all of the OLD equipment, etc... to the new place so anyone with a truck or SUV that would like to help us toward the end of next week we would really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New On-Ramp!!!

Hello Crossfitters and Potential Crossfitters!

Crossfit United will be offering our new and improved "On-Ramp" program soon after our move! Our estimated start date is January  16th of 2012! This On-Ramp will run 6 weeks and be a great value! Not only have we redesigned our On-Ramp to make you a better athlete, we are pairing it strongly with nutritional support and lecture opportunities to help you learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle! The price for this On-Ramp is $150 but the first 15 sign-ups we have will receive $20 off ($130 is cheaper than our LAST On-Ramp but there is more value) also, this On-Ramp we will provide a custom log book for nutritional and fitness logging to stay on top of your performance! Hope to have a great group for the New Year!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crossfit United WILL Have A New Home For the New Year!

Hello Crossfitters of Columbia and possibly other places!!!!

KCPD Halloween Throwdown 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that Crossfit United and all its members will have a new home for the upcoming year!!!!!! This is extremely exciting news for CFU and it's members, both potential and current! Thanks to your hard work, attendance, and spreading the word of Crossfit in Columbia we are capable of bringing our WOD's, lifts, and running to a 5,000 square foot space just a mile and a half north of our current location! This will allow even bigger classes, more classes, fundraising and events and.... Along with this move we will be bringing on some new equipment so STAY TUNED!!!!

On another Coaches note, I wanted to apologize for my absences lately. Not only have I not been able to teach classes but I haven't made myself available as your Coach as much in the past couple of weeks and for that, I sincerely apologize! It will never happen again. Thank you for being amazing athletes and amazing members of our growing fitness community! I can't wait for the New Year and all the WOD's  and events to come!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Website Down :(

Apparently there are some difficulties with our website provider so I will be posting on the blog until this issue is fixed....

WOD: "Chelsea"
Every Minute on the Minute Perform...
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Air Squats
-Try to Maintain for 30 Minutes.