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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Know Your Body!

Whats up Crossfitters!!!

In light of the past couple of weeks and Sectionals beginning, I felt it necessary to post. Today's topic is Knowing Your Body! What I mean by this is not only know when to back down and rest, but also know what your strengths, weaknesses, and when to get it all out!

Last week, the 7 Min Burpee AMRAP was TORTUROUS! However, a lot of people learned how to push when it was necessary and play to their strengths. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO Ben, Eric, Aaron, Matt, Jason, and Alex who all earned over 100 Reps in that WOD (There are more but I don't have all the numbers in front of me). They were Body-Weight NINJA's on that WOD and they were pretty inspirational to watch. Having said that, they knew a few things when it came to that WOD...
1. Being Body-Weight, they would be able to recovery a bit faster and possibly make multiple attempts at the WOD.
2. Being Body-Weight, they knew that 2-3 reps could make a huge difference. I.e, they PUSHED EVERY REP!
3. They fit the WOD into their programming, not the other way around.

Before I begin to rant, let this last week be an intro into getting to know yourself as an ATHLETE! Know limits, know how to push, how to scheme, how to rest/recover, and all the little details into your performance.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

MindBody Online Scheduler!!!

Hey Everyone!!!!
We FINALLY have our MindBody Online Schedule Up and Running!!!!!! You MUST start signing up for classes prior to attending classes. Why? So the coaches have an accurate account of people to make sure we have enough people/coaches there.

Here's how it works...

1. Follow this link: Crossfit United MindBody Online

2. Under each day there are "Sign Up" Tabs. Click on the next one you want to attend...

3. It will request your Name and some more info for you to "Create a New Account" (You could just go directly to "Create a New Account" also) HEAD'S UP: When entering your name, do so as you put on your Waiver when you signed up. You may already have a profile under Crossfit United and all you need to do is verify it and create your own password! If you type in your name, and a little indicator asks "Is This You?" With your name next to it, click "Yes" then verify some information (based on your waiver) and you'll be set!

4. After you have created your new account, you have the option to put your name down for recurring classes. WARNING: DO NOT PUT YOURSELF DOWN IN ADVANCE JUST TO RESERVE A SPOT AND NOT SHOW UP!!!! You'll notice we have begun to cap the classes at 15 attendants and this is going to only decrease. Our Goal is to have 12-1 Ratio of Athletes to Coaches soon.

5. After you have selected your reservation, Choose "Crossfit Classes" for $0 in the payment screen. We are still working on options where you can handle your membership payments, amounts, etc....Online! (Yea, we're that cool).

6. Please do not attempt to do anything else other than reserve a spot in the classes for yourself or your family members. We are trying to make sure coaches, equipment, etc... is sufficient enough for the groups to run smoothly.

I expect EVERY MEMBER to start becoming familiar with this program because soon enough, I will have a roster with me and unless you have talked with me personally, No Sign Up= No class attendance.

This is going to be a huge help for us to run more efficiently as well as grow our already awesome CF Community!!!! Thanks Everyone for Cooperating!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fight Gone Bad® 7 is September 22, 2012
by Scott Zagarino
Fight Gone Bad® was created and produced 6 years ago by Scott Zagarino and the Sportsgrants Foundation. It is traditionally held the last Saturday in September every year, although specific times may vary in your area. Fight Gone Bad® has one purpose: to dedicate one workout, on one day, as one global community, for one common cause. The Sportsgrants Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established by professional athlete and social entrepreneur Scott Zagarino. To date, Sportsgrants has raised $6.75 million and delivered record-breaking grants for a variety of charities and causes.
This year’s Fight Gone Bad® will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, will fund 100 camp scholarships for young adults with cancer, and for the second year ever, we will benefit a third charity to be nominated and voted on by YOU.
Fight Gone Bad® 7 will be September 22, 2012. Website is now launched, so check it out for details.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paleo SuperBowl Food!

What's Up Everyone!!! SO.....

I know most of us are thinking about Super Bowl this weekend and what to eat! You can still have an AWESOME super bowl food experience if you know what to avoid!

1. Gluten: Get gluten free beer or go for harder liquor. Check out Robb Wolfs NorCal Margarita! (Tequilla, salter water, lime juice).

2. Dairy: Try to make dips/cheese issues with Goat cheese (If your in Columbia, try Natural Grocers! They have several types of cheese using Goats milk).

3. Insulin!!!!: Go for corn chips or sweet potato fries instead of white potato's or potato chips (Corn Chips Go GREAT with Paleo Chili)

-As far as the rest goes, think about it: Meat, Veggies, fats......BURGERS, GUACAMOLE, WINGS, ETC....Make sure its a good source of protein. When in doubt, BYOB (Bring Your Own BEEF)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Word On Cleanliness....

What's Up Crossfitters!

I know with the move and all the craziness in the past few weeks things have gotten a bit hectic. However, I do need to take a few minutes and talk to you about the cleanliness of the gym.

The usage of this kind of specialty equipment and this type of facility is a PRIVILEGE! If you cannot recognize it as such then I hope you understand that certain things will suffer including equipment, safety, luxuries, etc...

Here is what I'm looking for from all of our members. Remember, I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do or ask my coaches to do....

1. Put Equipment Back: If you use a barbell, plate, KB, Wall Ball, Lacrosse ball, etc... Put it back where you found it. If you really want to help, put it back HOW you found it! I organized the KB's myself and now they are just tossed into the general area where they were before. In regards to plates, please stack them NEATLY and LEVEL! This will avoid 2 dangers; One being warped plates and two, being a plate stack falling onto someones ankle.

2. WIPE UP YOUR MESS!!!: I have seen sweat, chalk, writing chalk, SPIT, etc... In the facility recently. We have Clorox wipes, a mop, and rags for you to WIPE UP YOUR MESS!!! Just a heads up, if I see ANYONE SPIT ON MY FLOOR, you will either perform your 100 Burpee penalty IN THE SPIT or you will leave. There is no excuse to spit on the floor in here around other's.

3. Be Respectful of the Equipment Provided: I understand we have intensity with workouts and such but please be respectful! This includes wiping off Wall-Balls, AbMats, the Pull-Up bars, the Barbells, etc... Whether it be chalk or you just used it to stretch, I don't care. Take care of the equipment that is helping you reach your goals!

If we can handle these 3 things, I have no doubt we will have an amazing and CLEAN facility to work in! Thanks everyone!