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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Shout Outs!!!

I'd like to give a couple shout-outs to some members and soon to be members!

Keel, Rich, Tyler, Alex, Stephen, and anyone I might be forgetting...HUGE CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST MUSCLE UPS!!!!!!

On-Rampers: Great job handling Fran last week! I know shes a tough one but you came through in fine fasion!!!! Our On-Ramp is one of the biggest most people have ever heard of!!! You guys make it extremely amazing! All of you are very coachable, extremely intuitive, and support each other greatly!!! Keep up the good work!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So you wanna Compete....

Hey Everyone,

Second post of the day...I must be on a roll! I know a lot of you have been hearing about this past weekend and Crossfit United making a great showing of athletic ability at the 2nd Annual Athletes 4 Athletes benefiting the Special Olympics in Lee's Summit, MO. I thought I would take this opportunity to put things into perspective about competing in Crossfit. Many people think its not for them and that may be so, but if you are thinking about competing, I'd like to show you a few of our athletes and where they started.....

Jen: Jen arrived at CFU last year with a pretty athletic background. However, she had persistent problems with athletic injuries which were not making workouts or her job as a firefighter for Columbia much easier. On Saturday, Jen Front Squatted (knee movement??) 150lbs for 3-Reps in the 2nd event of the day! This was almost 105% of her body weight! She finished 2nd in the competition in the womens scaled division after an awesome head-to-head with another one of our athletes....

Carrie: Carrie came to us as a teacher and soon to be entrepreneur. As far as I can remember, she would struggle with certain aspects of workouts like any other athlete, especially pull-ups :) Eric, one of our coaches, told me that she came to him with a very stern attitude and said "I want to compete," and compete she did! She placed 3rd overall in the womens scaled placing top 5 or better in all 3 events on Saturday! An overall stellar performance!

Severin: Severin was a true "Garage Crossfitter" before he came to join us. He is a Ph.D in Biochemistry and an avid outdoorsman. When he arrived at CFU he needed quite a bit of work on some technical skills but other than that he was in very good shape! Severin placed top 20 in the Male Rx'D division on Saturday with some pretty awesome performances including a 255lb Front Squat for 3-Reps (137% Bodyweight).

Kendall: Kendall has always been an endurance type athlete but when she joined us at CFU, she began to hit the weights just as hard as she had been hitting the pavement. Kendall placed 5th in the Women's Rx'D division with some pretty stellar performances including accomplishing nearly 7 rounds on the heavy deadlift/double-under workout (deadlift=175lbs for 5 Reps Each Round).

Just some perspecive on how our athletes are very different in a lot of elements but all came with a drive to compete and do well. I am extremely proud of how everyone competed and pushed their limits!

Meet Robb Wolf!

Hello Everyone,

Whether you are a long time Crossfitter or an On-Ramper, you more than likely have heard me talk about Robb Wolf. He is the author of "The Paleo Solution" and one of the head's of the "Paleo Movement". I've decided to let you hear all the things I've been saying and preaching about Paleo nutrition and such from the source. Enjoy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

On Ramp Resources!!!

Hello Everyone!!

On Rampers and CF Lovers alike, here are some great web resources for Paleo nutrition and training!

Paleo Nutrition!

Meat and Nut Breakfast!

The Many Negatives of Aerobic Training!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Updates with INTERNET at the location!

Hey Everyone!!!!

This move has proved to be pretty crazy so here are some updates:

1. CFU might be closed (will know for sure Thursday) Friday and Saturday of this week. Reason? Equipment is being delivered!!! We will be setting it up along with competing in Lee's Summit for CFU this weekend so Monday we should be ALL SET UP!!!!!

2. I will start to post "CWC/Open Gym" times on the site each day. These are when our Olympic lifting club comes in, when I workout, and we will have it as an open gym period for approved members. Basically, if you're just starting out then this time isn't for you...yet! Open Gym is a privilege. I will be working out, the CWC team will be working out, and you will not have a coach! I will help if I can, but its a time for you to work on skills, make up a WOD, etc....Make me proud!

3. Unfortunately, we need to make an announcement on respecting the gym space. Some of the trainers jump ropes, tape, etc... have been used without permission and are being damaged (my cable sheeth included :( Here's the deal, before using any personal equipment in the gym as in jump ropes, hand wraps, etc... Please ask to make sure it is for public use. If not, and the owner is not there, you do not have permission to use it.

4. The trainers offic/PT room is NOT a public area. If the door is closed, please knock. I understand the 2nd bathroom is in there but we have to be respectful of others privacy when they are consulting with a client.

All in all, the move is going smooth and everything is coming together. I appreciate all of your understanding and flexibility! Keep up the great work!