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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dine Out Night!

Crossfit United members and Coaches will be going to Addisons tonight at 7:30! Hope to see some of you there for some good times!

On this mornings Deadlifts, WOW! Matt pulls 301lbs for nearly double body-weight at 36 years old! Rusy goes ahead and PR's by 70lbs (no big deal....) at age 53! Alina pulls a solid 205 while shaking her head in disappointment (crazy I know!) I'll post more results later today! DANG I LOVE MAX EFFORT DAYS!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crossfitters of Columbia Dine Out!

Just a word was all it took and last week, several Crossfitters from Crossfit United got together and a house, cooked some grass-fed beef, sweet potato fries, and guacamole to watch Mizzou play Baylor. 

1 Week Later, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to have this weekly or however so often we can. Crossfit is "Community Fitness" and we need to get more out in the Community!!!! 

Tonight is our first "Crossfitters Dine Out." 7:45pm Myself, Tyler, Eric, and whomever else wants to join will be at Flat Branch in Columbia. No formal discussion, attire, or agenda. Just a fun night out to talk and relax with fellow enthusiasts of fitness. Feel like coming? Try and let me know ahead of time so we can have an accurate head count and we will be there! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Point of View on Crossfit and Fitness....

In the past few weeks my personal experiences and involvement with Crossfit has been growing vastly. Crossfit alone has grown leaps and bounds in just a few years. These gains and strides are bound to come with some scrutiny...
Let me start by saying I am still young in running a business and in all my learning. I spend my days reading journals, books, articles, etc.... to better educate myself on these fitness and nutrition related subjects....

Having said that, I believe Crossfit and its methodology is 100% for everyone to at least try! Bold statement? I don't think so.

Here are some of the "problems" people argue against Crossfit...
1. Too intense for most.
2. Not functional for Older Adults
3. Promotes Rhabdo....
4. Promotes poor form and technique.
5. Injury

I'll address these 1 by 1....
1. If you think Crossfit is too intense than you need to look at who is coaching you and how they are programming. Any GOOD coach knows how to program, promote periodization, integrate different elements correctly, introduce new members or movements effectively, and FOCUS on technique, ROM, and Functionality. Don't say its too intense for you when I have 50 and 60 year old individuals in here saying it's easy sometimes.
2. Not functional for Older Adults? Just so happens I have lead into this one from point 1. I've studied Adulthood and Aging for the past 4 years and when it comes to issues in aging dependent on nutrition or fitness they can easily fit into 2 points.... 1.) Inflammation and 2.) ROM. Paleo nutrition has shown time and time again to decrease inflammation through the body by removing free-radicals as well as common food allergens. Crossfit (under GOOD programming) increases ROM, promotes flexibility, increases strength, increases stamina and cardiovascular endurance, and promotes proper posture/form (not just for lifts, but for life application such as carrying a bag, sitting in a chair, etc...)
3. The case in which a participant in CF was diagnosed with Rhabdomolyosis. This individual won a lawsuit for $300,000....What you might NOT read about was that the individual implementing "Crossfit" was not a certified trainer and was trying train Crossfit with limited knowledge on the subject.
4. Promotes Injury and Poor Technique? Really? As an Olympic lifter, I can tell you that my Olympic lifting improved with Crossfit. Why? Because you train in domains that are not specific to your sport which mean you get out of your comfort zone. The types of movements promoted through Crossfit cannot be done repeatedly with  poor technique or the injury/lawsuit list would be miles long and Crossfit would have ended years ago.
5. As I said before, if injury were as prominent in Crossfit as people speculate it to be, Crossfit would be shut down and shunned...Instead, it's giving away $250k to a top man and woman which was supported by Reebok....

Bottom line, I love the quote by Mark Rippetoe in saying that in order to be an ATHLETE you need to do what is necessary. What is necessary might mean training outside of your sport. What a better way to get introduced to what else is out there than a program that has an emphasis toward being GOOD across the board of fitness fundamentals?

Crossfit Kids!

Loved this video!....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Good Morning To Everyone!

I hope you all had a great and safe Halloween!

My Halloween night was spent listening to PodCasts (what else?) and there was a very important idea that was brought into my head that I never really bring about the box. Mindset....

When it comes to the box and the WOD our Mindset is probably the most important thing to warm-up other than our body. Many athletes who are in our box can easily get discouraged half way into a workout and I firmly believe that without the proper mindset your goals won't ever be reached.

I want everyone (who read's this post) to try something for me. I want you to visualize where you want to be in your life 3 Months from now. Physically, mentally, nutritionally, in your work domain, at your school, or in your relationships with people....Visualize the perfect YOU! After that is a full visualization I want you to write the top 10 things you must accomplish before that YOU is a reality.

Self-Image can greatly affect the way we achieve our goals. If you see yourself as an amazing individual who can accomplish all the things listed under the way you want to be, the list of 10 must-have achievements is just your outline. This will directly reflect your attitude in the box! Goals will be met, obstacles will be overcome, and we will start to see every bit of the athlete you are capable of being! Let's get in and do some work, might have big news coming to Crossfit United VERY SOON!!!!

Happy WODing!