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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Active Rest and another Max Out for Hybrid, should be a good day! Now, a little side note...

Hello and Good Morning!!! (Up at 5am)

A little side note to many of our Crossfitters here at United. GET YOUR NUTRITION UNDER CONTROL!!! I am seeing a lot of people dragging ass because they do not properly fuel for optimum performance, or for even basic healthy livelihood. The strain that these WOD's put on your body is pretty harsh if you couldn't tell (Fran is a shifty bi***) and if you do not have nutrition locked down, it could be the difference between you getting that last rep or not. If you are having trouble getting it locked down, let me know! I have no problem getting you on the right track!
Nuts, Meats, Veggies, Seeds, and Some Fruit! The benefits are incredible! Don't believe me?.....
check out

See for yourself what proper nutrition can do for your body...
Exercise is the vehicle for nutrition.

Do not forget, you will not be able to do a prior WOD today in the classes. However, I may allow it in open gym......

Hybrid: Max Effort Strict Press (Yes, you did this earlier this week)

Hope to have a great turn-out today because we will be doing some serious skill work for active rest day! See you at the box!

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