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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Technique Classes!!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note on the technique classes that I threw in for the month of March (Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30 or after the 5:30 class). I made less skill work days because of lack of attendance! Heres the deal, no one in our box has technique perfected on Olympic lifts (myself included) so skill work would not be a bad idea. Secondly, the skill work will range from Olympic lifting, gymnastics movements, or technique drills on endurance movements such as the row or jump-rope. Start thinking about what you need to be working on and get in the technique classes! I want everyone to there goals met and these classes are to refine your skills to make it happen.

30 Front Squats
20 Box Jumps
10 OH Squats
-Every minute on the minute perform either 4 pull-ups or 4 burpees

Hybrid: OH Squats
10x2 OH Squats

10 OH Squats
10 Burpee Box Jumps

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