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Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't you just love these days!

That's right, another Max Day! Gotta love this new programming!!!

Power Cleans: 7x1

Start warm-ups with bar or light weight to establish technique. Start your counts at a semi-difficult weight. Around 4 or 5 you should be hitting your old max or a substantially difficult weight. Today is meant to balance technique and intensity: NOT GO ONE WAY OR THE OTHER! Things to note:

-Maintaining position from 1st through 3rd pull.
-Keeping optimal angle of the hips.
-Speed through the mid-line.
- High Pull and Elbows Up, not back!
- Rotation at the top and elbows up in a proper rack position. 

Some people are wondering why all of this heavy maxing all of a sudden? This months programming mimics a particular Crossfit guru and his programming. The reason I am doing this is so everyone can get used to the various intensities and ranges of movements. Furthermore, if you don't know where you max at, you will never know how intense to make your workouts (By intense, I mean volume ratio for weight and rep scheme). There is a method to the madness so trust me! 

This is also in efforts to phase out the Hybrid group a bit. No offense to the Hybrid group, but I am taking a step back to improve the Hybrid programming and possibly setting aside times for this group individually. You are not forgotten, just placed in a different program for now until the new Hybrid Programming is done. 

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