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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got a question for everyone...

Above is a picture at the end of the Athletes 4 Athletes competition. I'm still waiting on a few more photos but if you check out .

Here is my question for you guys....What do you like about our box and what don't you? I'm not going to take it personally at all, I just want to get to know what you guys would like to see change and what you would like to see stay the same. Please give me some ideas for the months ahead. As for today, the WOD is.....


Skill/Warm-Up: Double-Unders

Push-Press 5x5
Back Squat 3x10 (Depth and Speed)

WOD: 4 Rounds for Time:
40 Double-Unders
20 K2E
10 Burpees


  1. Sorry about the missed link above. For some reason it didn't attach! here it is for those of you that want to see it....

  2. And:

  3. Push Press 95-105-115-125-4@135 (I whacked my chin real good) I skipped squats because I ran out of time, but 9:16 on the WOD I'm pretty sure. Brutal..

  4. Doubtful that I will make it to CFU today. Did a ME BB.

    PP: 135#x5, 155#x5, 165#x5, 175#x5, 185#x4

    WOD: 15 min at the top of each minute, 1xRDL, 1xShrug Pull, 1xPower Pull, 1xPC, 1xFS, 1xPP with 95#