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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CF Uniteds First Blog!!!

Hello Everyone!!
Previously I was on the blog "Soontobegymowner" however, thanks to Nate, Scott, and Josh I am not the owner of Crossfit United in Columbia, MO!!!! If you don't know Nate, Scott, and Josh you should. They are one of a kind trainers and are excellent resources at your disposal in Columbia through Columbia Strength and Conditioning and Better Nutrition in Columbia, MO.

Now on to the blog....
This blog is intended for debate, discussion, etc....and posting of the daily WOD for CF United. The main purpose is for comments and questions regarding the WOD and technique but it can be used as a public platform for all Crossfitters. Hope you guys enjoy!

Max Air-Squats
Max Double-Unders
Rest 2 Minutes
4 Rounds

Air-Squat until technique fails or you are too fatigued to keep a quick pace. Immediately following air-squats, begin double-unders. The first break that comes after the first complete double under is where you stop. Rest 2 minutes in between. Enjoy!


  1. just making sure I can read/write on blog.

  2. Freaking awesome day! Hopefully Jenny will post the pic she took of the results board soon...

  3. Thanks for the advice on double unders. Good wod though!