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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Crossfitters of Columbia!!!

A few notes to start off the week!....
1) On-Ramp for October is now CLOSED!!! If you have anyone who wants to join contact me they must understand this. On-Ramp is a pyramid system of learning. It would be very difficult to start in the middle without the proper foundation that was learned in the first couple of weeks. However, if they contact me and commit to starting in November, I will get them started on their nutritional challenge.
2) Our programming for the next few weeks has emphasis weeks until November. This is to better round us as athletes. SO just because you don't like gymnastics does not mean to skip that week's emphasis. Get in, challenge your weaknesses! Its what Crossfit is all about!
3) From what I hear, we had excellent classes when I was gone this weekend which means that Eric is a good choice for coach, and you as athletes are great to work with! Thank you for your respect of the facility and the Coaches!

Let's get in this week and do some great work!

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