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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Word On Cleanliness....

What's Up Crossfitters!

I know with the move and all the craziness in the past few weeks things have gotten a bit hectic. However, I do need to take a few minutes and talk to you about the cleanliness of the gym.

The usage of this kind of specialty equipment and this type of facility is a PRIVILEGE! If you cannot recognize it as such then I hope you understand that certain things will suffer including equipment, safety, luxuries, etc...

Here is what I'm looking for from all of our members. Remember, I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do or ask my coaches to do....

1. Put Equipment Back: If you use a barbell, plate, KB, Wall Ball, Lacrosse ball, etc... Put it back where you found it. If you really want to help, put it back HOW you found it! I organized the KB's myself and now they are just tossed into the general area where they were before. In regards to plates, please stack them NEATLY and LEVEL! This will avoid 2 dangers; One being warped plates and two, being a plate stack falling onto someones ankle.

2. WIPE UP YOUR MESS!!!: I have seen sweat, chalk, writing chalk, SPIT, etc... In the facility recently. We have Clorox wipes, a mop, and rags for you to WIPE UP YOUR MESS!!! Just a heads up, if I see ANYONE SPIT ON MY FLOOR, you will either perform your 100 Burpee penalty IN THE SPIT or you will leave. There is no excuse to spit on the floor in here around other's.

3. Be Respectful of the Equipment Provided: I understand we have intensity with workouts and such but please be respectful! This includes wiping off Wall-Balls, AbMats, the Pull-Up bars, the Barbells, etc... Whether it be chalk or you just used it to stretch, I don't care. Take care of the equipment that is helping you reach your goals!

If we can handle these 3 things, I have no doubt we will have an amazing and CLEAN facility to work in! Thanks everyone!

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