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Thursday, February 16, 2012

MindBody Online Scheduler!!!

Hey Everyone!!!!
We FINALLY have our MindBody Online Schedule Up and Running!!!!!! You MUST start signing up for classes prior to attending classes. Why? So the coaches have an accurate account of people to make sure we have enough people/coaches there.

Here's how it works...

1. Follow this link: Crossfit United MindBody Online

2. Under each day there are "Sign Up" Tabs. Click on the next one you want to attend...

3. It will request your Name and some more info for you to "Create a New Account" (You could just go directly to "Create a New Account" also) HEAD'S UP: When entering your name, do so as you put on your Waiver when you signed up. You may already have a profile under Crossfit United and all you need to do is verify it and create your own password! If you type in your name, and a little indicator asks "Is This You?" With your name next to it, click "Yes" then verify some information (based on your waiver) and you'll be set!

4. After you have created your new account, you have the option to put your name down for recurring classes. WARNING: DO NOT PUT YOURSELF DOWN IN ADVANCE JUST TO RESERVE A SPOT AND NOT SHOW UP!!!! You'll notice we have begun to cap the classes at 15 attendants and this is going to only decrease. Our Goal is to have 12-1 Ratio of Athletes to Coaches soon.

5. After you have selected your reservation, Choose "Crossfit Classes" for $0 in the payment screen. We are still working on options where you can handle your membership payments, amounts, etc....Online! (Yea, we're that cool).

6. Please do not attempt to do anything else other than reserve a spot in the classes for yourself or your family members. We are trying to make sure coaches, equipment, etc... is sufficient enough for the groups to run smoothly.

I expect EVERY MEMBER to start becoming familiar with this program because soon enough, I will have a roster with me and unless you have talked with me personally, No Sign Up= No class attendance.

This is going to be a huge help for us to run more efficiently as well as grow our already awesome CF Community!!!! Thanks Everyone for Cooperating!

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