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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paleo SuperBowl Food!

What's Up Everyone!!! SO.....

I know most of us are thinking about Super Bowl this weekend and what to eat! You can still have an AWESOME super bowl food experience if you know what to avoid!

1. Gluten: Get gluten free beer or go for harder liquor. Check out Robb Wolfs NorCal Margarita! (Tequilla, salter water, lime juice).

2. Dairy: Try to make dips/cheese issues with Goat cheese (If your in Columbia, try Natural Grocers! They have several types of cheese using Goats milk).

3. Insulin!!!!: Go for corn chips or sweet potato fries instead of white potato's or potato chips (Corn Chips Go GREAT with Paleo Chili)

-As far as the rest goes, think about it: Meat, Veggies, fats......BURGERS, GUACAMOLE, WINGS, ETC....Make sure its a good source of protein. When in doubt, BYOB (Bring Your Own BEEF)

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