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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Too Much To Post ON the Website!


Let's start off with saying thank you for being such a great group in my absence last week! I really appreciate knowing that my athletes are respectful and very coachable for Eric!

Now....On to the upcoming events/changes!

1. Our new and improved "On-Ramp" will be starting January 17th (Monday) and we will have more class times as well as a more in-depth 6-week (Old was 4-Weeks) for our potential new members! This On-Ramp is designed so that even if you decide NOT to attend CFU afterward, you will have proper coaching in movement patterns, intensity, and scaling weight and rep schemes. We will have a log-book for these individuals! DON'T FORGET: The first 10 to sign-up and pay before we start get $20 off the price!

2. We need t-shirt orders!!! Want a new CFU T-Shirt? So do we! I will be talking with our t-shirt company and right after the holidays (at the latest) we will have mock-ups done for both men and women t-shirts! Pre-orders are a must in light of the new move! Speaking of which.....

3. THE NEW PLACE!!! We are in works of getting equipment delivered and such so be patient while we try and work out our schedule in the next couple of weeks. I promise it will be worth the wait! We will probably need volunteers to move all of the OLD equipment, etc... to the new place so anyone with a truck or SUV that would like to help us toward the end of next week we would really appreciate it!

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  1. Yes! mark me down for one of each shirt, and our vehicles are available for the move!